Paris: The Catacombs

While we were in Paris I wanted to visit the Catacombs.  I’m not sure why I found this so interesting, but I really wanted to see it!  Some may think it’s quite morbid.  And it is.  It’s also a very important part of history and very humbling to see it at the same time. 
Over 6 million bones buried underground in the city.  It was a site to see. 
Enjoy our journey through the Catacombs below :

There were so many dead bodies taking up a ton of land.  They decided to dig them all up from the cemetaries and place them here at the Catacombs.  There are markers saying where the bones came from and what time period.

It was extremely damp, dark, and hot down there!

And Terence snapped this picture after we climbed back up to the top…ha ha….
I am SO out of shape!  It was definitely an experience, if your ever in Paris I would recommend it.
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  1. Is this Les Invalides by chance? That was something that was on my list of places to go while we were there but I couldn’t find it! UGH! While a little dark and dreary, that’s totally a place I would have like to check out! AWESOME!

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