Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Boy!

Happy Birthday my angel boy!  Two years ago today your Daddy and I got the best gift God could have ever given us….YOU.

It is so much fun for us to watch you grow and learn each day.  Your face lights up when you see something new.  You’ve taught us love in a way we would have never known without you.

You are my sunshine 🙂

I pray you grow to be a Godly man, a strong man, a kind hearted & smart man….but most of all I want you to grow to love the Lord and know His love for you as well.

We know you are a special gift.  I prayed before you were born that God would give me a special child.  I told God that I would do the best I can to raise you right….because you are not my child you are His…..

Oh what a blessing your life has been the past two years.  We could not imagine our lives without you in it.  You are an incredible soul my sweet Connor and we pray for guidance and protection, that you would know how loved you are each day, and how proud we are of you!  WE LOVE YOU!!!!




16 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Boy!

  1. Happy Birthday to a little boy I’ve prayed for since before he was even conceived. I have special love for him!!

    PS – I just went back and read his birthday post and saw that I had commented something about transitioning to a family of “4”??? What was I thinking?? HAHA!

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