England: Day One

Well, I am glad to be back in the U.S.of A.  I missed my baby boy like whoa.  Traveling is a lot of fun, but it sure does wear you down!  We were pretty much on the go from the moment our plane landed in London.  We met up with Terence’s cousin, Adrianne, and then headed straight for Windsor castle. 

WE HAD A BLAST….and I can’t wait for our next trippin adventure!  In the mean time enjoy a tour of England/Paris for the next few days…….

And of course first things first I did find my mother ship!

Starbucks at Windsor 🙂
We walked around for awhile.  The area is so nice and we were lucky it was great weather for our entire trip.  Terence had the traditional fish and chips and I had some yummy mac n cheese.
Our first dining experience in England

Me and Adrianne
She puts Martha Stewart to shame people…she’s a great cook and decorator!

Graham & Adrianne were so good to us and we had the best time!  Ethan, their almost two year old, was such a great sport and was so well behaved 🙂  We couldn’t ask for better tour guides and host/hostesses!  We love you and thank you so much!

 Sweet Ethan
 Yummy cupcakes

 The town


The Queen is home!!!

 Oh my gosh does this soldier not look like he’s 10 years old?  He’s so cute!

Prepare for more picture overload in the week to come…..
xoxo  Becky
(It’s good to be home)



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