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Big Boy Room : Somewhat Finished

We’ve been working on Connor’s big boy room for awhile now.  Picking up little things here and there.  It’s not a very big space, but it’s a nice room for him to play and all his toys fit nicely.  He got the train table for his birthday and that takes up most of his room now.  Good thing he plays with it all the time 🙂
Bear bear in the corner with Big Bird

Connors bed

Bedding from Pottery Barn Kids & sheets from Olive Kids

Airplane above the closet : From Pottery Barn Kids

I talked about the airplane pictures HERE
The curtains and rod are from Pottery Barn Kids
Train table from Buy Buy Baby
Lamp Target
Lots of CARS!
The fly letters I got for less than $10 at Hobby Lobby
I need something on the back wall and then we’ll be done!
Any suggestions?

I love looking at how people decorate.  I am an HGTV junkie!  I love to decorate too….we usually do it one room at a time because it can get expensive.  BUT-there are a lot of ways to get the look for less.  Choose an inspiration room and look around online or in stores….you’ll be surprised what you can find. 

Easter Shirt Winner!

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Connor Praying

Welcome to my Crazy

My life is crazy busy, crazy scatterbrained, crazy spontaneous….just plain CRAZY!

I try to fit everything in, but you know what sometimes ya just can’t and you do the best you can as a wife, mom, and also working a full time job….and blogging.  I love all these things and I WANT to make time for them.  And I do. 

Weekends are spent catching up on everything I can’t do during the week.  And weeks are spend just keeping my head above water most days.  But through God’s grace I get through it!

I am not perfect blah blah blah….but I sure do like to have fun when I can!

Crazy random life that it is…..

Welcome to my crazy:

Have ya’ll ever been to World Market?  It’s an awesome store where you can find goods and produce from all over the world.  Including this Blow Pop sucker as big as Connor’s noggin.

 And Easter candies from around the globe
Easter bunny ears didn’t go over as much as I would have liked!
My new sunglasses I got for 10 dolla.  I love them…very Jackie O eh???

Terence and I have become quite the wine-o’s since returning from Paris.  I do sleep well at night 😉

Soda machine of the future perhaps?  I saw this the other day at Firehouse Subs.  It took me like five minutes to get a drink, but whatever.  Look at all those flavors of Sprite!!!
More Erin Condren goodies in the mail
Also at World Market.  Bunny Tails aka white cheddar cheese puffs. 
Cute eh?
A cupcake chair I saw in a store the other day….I heart it.

These ladies are crazy cray crays Kindra and I saw on the side of the road the other day while on lunch break.  The lady on the left pulled something out of her top…what????  We shall never know.  Were they hookin?  I dunno.  Money is dirrrrrrty! 

My Birchbox goodies for the month of March
I love the “glittered nail” and the Tarte lip pencil.
“Cha cha cha Chia”
Love this kid and his fro

Also- Don’t forget to get your lotto tickets today gals!  The drawing is tonight and it’s the BIGGEST jackpot in history!  Yes, the chances are greater that you’ll get struck by lightening than winning this lotto…..but at least you know you tried right????

Have a fab weekend!!!!

In Case you were Wondering…

Which side of the egg Connor’s afro puff comes from…..

 The proof is in the pudding….
 But he does look an awful lot like his Daddy too 🙂