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Today is Working Moms Connect on Kellys Korner Blog.

I really like to meet and connect with other Moms who work outside the home.  Sometimes I feel like I am the only working Mama on the planet and everyone else has the luxury of staying at home. 

I know that’s not true though! 

Everyone does the best they can for their families and I’m doing what is best for mine.

I love my job and the Lord has blessed me with a job I really enjoy going to each day.  I have made lots of friends and I like having the social interaction.  I work 8-5 at a bank and I’ve been here for about 4 1/2 years now.  I love it!

The best part is the end of each day.  I look forward to picking up my boy and seeing his smiley face when he sees me walk through the door.  “Mama Mama!!!”

We also are blessed that my mother/father/sister in law watch Connor each day and it’s family.  I know he’s building great relationships with family members and he loves spending each day with his BFF Ellie (my niece). 

DFW traffic is awful.  I have to say it’s something I dread  But again- it’s just something you get used to and it becomes day to day life.  Sometimes we have meltdowns in the car.  I do the best I can without my head popping off! Ha ha! 

I’ve found that the classical music station is very relaxing and also calms Connor down.

I also always carry cookies and crackers in the car so he has something to munch on.

As you all know if you read my blog…..I am a crack addict.  AKA=Starbucks addict.

I know this is a horrible, expensive habit.  But it gets me through my day and I adore the new Valentines day cups that just came out! Cute eh???

Mama needs coffee to function. DAILY. 

I’ve almost thought about changing my blog name to “Java Mama”


 My computer at work….a constant reminder of how my booger has grown.  I adore him.

God has blessed me in so many ways.  A question I often get : “Don’t you feel like you are missing out on things with Connor?”  I don’t feel like I am missing out, I feel like I treasure our time that much more.  I’m able to contribute to our family finances and I feel good about that.  We don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck and can take vacations and contribute to a savings account.  I know that what I am doing now will effect our future later on.  And Connor boy always knows I am his Mama and I love him no matter what!

Can’t wait to link up and meet all you other working Mamas!
If you live in DFW email me at
We are always looking for local friends to play with 🙂



25 thoughts on “Working Moms Connect

  1. I’m halfway through maternity leave, so I needed to read this today! You’re not alone! And I LOVE the statement: “I don’t feel like I am missing out, I feel like I treasure our time that much more.” May have to steal that one. Happy Friday!

  2. Such fun pics. And those curls!

    I feel like I am so much more intentional in giving Jack my attention when I am with him since I am away so much of the day. We play from the time I get home at 5 until I put him down at 8:30.

    I would not be able to do it though without knowing he is so well cared for during the day. I think it makes all the difference, for me.

  3. Hithere. Hopped over for KK-SUYL. I’m alos in the DFW area and have to travel the dreaded 114 to get to work. Yuck. Glad I found your blog. Will be stalking, I mean following you from now on. I too sometimes feel that I’m teh only mom in the area who works full time.

  4. Hi! I found your on Kelly’s blog, and my favorite moment of the day is also when my son says “Mama!” when I walk in the door after work!

    I lived in DFW from 1998-2006, but now we’ve settled in Austin.

    Great post!

  5. Hi there!! Stopping by from Kelly’s Korner! Great post! I’m from the DFW area as well (Keller)! And I too am a Starbucks lover, ha!! Good to “meet” you!

  6. I also found you through Kelly’s Korner. I feel the same way you wrote that you feel like you’re the only momma working out there. No one gets what we go through except other working moms. I look forward to reading your future posts.

  7. First of all, Hi Becky. I’m Ashley. I just stopped over from Kelly’s Korner and loved your post.

    Here are the ways you and I are similar:
    1) I live in Mansfield, work in Ft. Worth.
    2) I don’t feel like I’m missing out either.
    3) I am a “crack” addict
    4) I sometimes feel like I am the only working mom I know
    5) I am 30
    6) My computer screen reminds me of baby girl all day too!
    7) I know that the Lord has me where I am for a reason and He has blessed with me with an amazing family!

  8. IMO your situation is perfect. If I chose to work outside the home I would only want my kiddos with family. And that is just what I did when I had my first child. After about a year and a half of being with her I had to go out into the world and my mom was able to take care of her. But with the second arrival we decided it was best for me to stay home. But now we ARE paycheck to paycheck. Ha! Thanks for sharing over on Kelly’s. 🙂

    1. I completely agree with everything you’ve written. I worked at BBVA Compass until I was let go almost two years ago. We’ve made it on my husbands paycheck but it’s been tight. The scariest part for us was losing the health ins Compass had. I was just offered a new job at USAA this week and happily accepted it. I pretty much echoed every words you said in this post to my girls and husband. Right now we are all home all day but each of us is in a different room doing our own thing. I feel that we will treasure my days off much more and plan things as a family. I am BEYOND excited to relieve some of the financial burden from my husband and to see our savings accounts grow. I don’t feel that I’m abandoning my family. I feel I am helping my family grow, setting a strong work example and earning a nice 401 K on top of it!

  9. Hi friend! I feel the EXACT same way! I wish we still lived in the DF Dub so we could get together 🙁 Oh and I get that question ALL the time especially since most of my friends are SAHMs. Glad we aren’t alone!

  10. stopping by from Kelly’s blog! I love keeping up with other mommy blogs, especially working mom blogs because I feel so alone sometimes. My mom and mother in law watch my daughter while I work and it is so much easier I think!

  11. Thank you SO much for this post! I often feel that I’m the only working momma…and I agree with all the reasons you said, contributing financially, helping the ole savings account, vacations, and I, too, feel like I treasure my time with my son…I’m never “run ragged” by him as my SAHM friends say they are about their kiddos. So THANK YOU for this awesome post!

    Lindale, TX

  12. I am obviously too late to the party to link up with Kelly’s blog, but I love that she had this topic. It inspired me to write a post and share a bit more about my life.

    I liked reading yours and have enjoyed finding another blogger in the FW area.

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