Phone Photo Dump

The other day I got Connor a sucker at the drugstore.  It was bunny teeth.  The thing was so big he could hardly fit it in his mouth, but he sure did enjoy it!

Lots of Starbucks this week…I am working late today.  I want to get “sort of” caught up before I leave on vacation….so excited and prepare for picture overload when we get back because you know I am snap happy 🙂

If you haven’t tried these gems you need to ASAP!  Bumpy Nerds have returned, but ever since I found this one bag I haven’t been able to find another one so news must be out that these bumpy babies are back in stock…..

Last weekend we went to REI.  Terence loves that store and they were having a major clearance going on their winter stuff.  We got Connor the blue vest on the left for less than $5 & the down filled vest on the right for around $13!  Score!  (Lets hope they fit next year too)

 I saw this ferris wheel for your Easter eggs at JoAnns the other day.  Is this not the cutest thing ever???

And last, but not least….my favorite tea ever!  Teavana makes the most awesome teas & they can also make you a tea in the store.  Hot or iced.  I got some sort of mango wellness tea and it was divine!  Definitely going back soon.



5 thoughts on “Phone Photo Dump

  1. First ~ love your plaid shirt in the starbucks picture!
    Second ~ saw the same easter egg wheel at JoAnn’s and loved it too. Now just to get the rest of the Easter stuff down out of the attic 🙁 wah wah wah
    Third ~ they have a Teavana Store in the North East Mall
    Lastly ~ have fun on your trip and don’t forget when you return we have some girly bonding to attend to!!!!!

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