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Well yesterday was pretty much the worst Valentines day….


  • Connor threw up yesterday morning from congestion a few times…like I said…on the carpet
  • I got a speeding ticket on my way to work in a school zone. (To my defense I WAS NOT IN THE SCHOOL ZONE YET…I drove by again this morning just to double check and I wasn’t in the school zone….)  I was going 35.  Coming down a hill and yes, I would have slowed down in the school zone.  When the officer pulled me over I counted not one, but three motorcycles in front of us with cars pulled over!!!  AND-he did a freaking U-turn in the middle of traffic going the opposite direction just to pull me over??? Is that even legal?  Of course I cried like a baby…what the heck is wrong with me???  There are worse things in life…..
  • Connor and Terence are both sickies.  I swear I watched Terence go through an entire box of tissues on the sofa last night.
  • We were supposed to meet with our attorney yesterday to finalize our will.  I left work early only to get caught up in traffic on the freeway for 45 minutes due to an accidents and two lanes being closed down…we missed our appointment and now have to reschedule.
On a brighter note.  We switched cable companies and are getting three months of free premium channels.  We started watching Homeland last night and I LOVE IT.  I don’t miss Jack Bauer and 24 so much now???
In other news:
Thank you for all the compliments on my top yesterday.  I ordered it from a store called Tobi.  When I ordered it was 30% off.  I absolutely love it!  On the website it’s classified as a “dress”.  Ahhaaaahhh!!! Well it is a dress if you weigh 90 pounds…but as you can see on me it’s a shirt.  I have a size large & wore it sort of bloused over and it works just fine for me 😉  I think it runs small though…..
 My sunshine at the end of each day….
 I made my Valentines a heart pizza last night….
I have a prayer request.  My cousin Adam pictured below with his beautiful baby girl Claire.  
Cassidy, his wife delivered the baby and had a amniotic fluid embolism.  I believe she has been in a coma…that’s the last I heard.  I think she is improving but has a long road ahead.  This condition is very rare and can be fatal.  I can’t imagine giving birth to my child and never waking up to hold them or see their face.  Please pray for healing and strength for the family right now.  I know prayer works wonders!!!
My heart is just aching for them…..

Also- My sister in law Kim wrote a book called “Hopper the Lonely Frog” and it’s available for FREE download right now on Amazon!!!  I’m so proud of her 🙂

It’s a great book for children and I’m sure she would be thrilled if you read her first book!

About the book:

Hopper The Lonely Frog: An Adoption Story For Children is a tender story, aimed at very young children. Hopper is a young, orphaned frog that wishes to find a mother, but he feels he doesn’t “fit in” anywhere. The reader will sympathize as Hopper searches for a place to belong, and will rejoice when in the end he finds acceptance in an unlikely character. This story would be a great tool for parents to share with their adopted children, or any child, in order to promote discussion and acceptance in families that may have unique dynamics. Now with illustrations.

Hope you all have a great day!
It’s gotta be better than yesterday………ha ha!



13 thoughts on “Lots of Stuff

  1. sorry you had a crappy V-Day. Can you contest the ticket? Sounds like you might have grounds to do so. Either way, that sucks.

    And I died laughing that that top is considered a dress. Better not be a nice breeze or girl’s going to be showing her PANTAYS everywhere. 🙂 haha!

  2. I am sorry that you had such a yucky day:-( I love that shirt/dress lol. I couldn’t wear that as a dress either, no one needs to see that ha! Very cute though!
    Your cousin and his wife are in my prayers<3

  3. I’ve been praying for your cousin since I saw that on Twitter the other day. AFE is so scary. It’s just random and can affect anyone. Praying hard she gets better so she can hold her baby!!
    I’m totally digging that shirt/dress. I always wonder who really wears those things as dresses;)

  4. Small world… my friend, Rachel (who also lived in Conway for a bit) was telling me about Adam and Cassidy earlier this week. I think she said Cassidy is now awake and able to see Claire? If so, that is great news!

    Girl, I had the worst Valentine’s ever a few years ago when I had the stomach bug. Yuck.

  5. I think that would only be a dress on an elementary schooler. But you look super cute!

    Sorry it was a rough day. Here’s hoping today was much better!

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