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I’m linking up with Aly today and all her buds.  I like this product of the week link up because it’s a good way to discover things you would have never known about before! 
I was talking with Aly awhile back and she asked me how I did my “POOF” in my hair-do.  I use Got-2-B Powder-ful.  It’s great stuff!!!  I use it every day and I cannot tell you how much I LOVE IT! 
It tames all the fly aways and really gives your hair volume.  It looks like dandruff going on…but just comb through your hair and it goes away.  I talked about it more in this post.
Also- This pic is really delayed…but I forgot to share it from way back in December….
Terence and I got to meet Lyle Lovett at the Celebrity Cutting event in Fort Worth.  It’s always so much fun!  I think this was our fourth year to attend? 
It’s for a great cause, if you’ve never been and you live in the area you should definitely plan to go next year!
And let me just say Lyle was SO nice!  Just a genuinely nice guy & has a great voice 🙂
(I look awful in this pic due to just getting off work…if I would have known I would have fixed myself up a bit! Ha ha!)


What are you loving this week?




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