Weekend Randoms

We had a great weekend.  It was unseasonably warm with a high of 75 yesterday!  I like cold weather…where is my winter mother nature???  Please come back to us soon!
Terence and I worked the Fort Worth stock show for a bit on Saturday with our buddies. 
I did NOT get a red velvet funnel cake this time….my butt thanks me very much.
In other weekend randoms…..
I found these airplane goodies for Connor’s room at Hobby Lobby.  It has been forever since I visited the HobLob.  They have the greatest stuff in there.  I could spend hours if I had the time.
The picture frame was 50% off for $12.50, but I didn’t get that.
The “FLY” letters were also 50% off and I got them for around $9 = SCORE!

 I printed this Valentines Day subway art off of Pinterest.  I particularly like the shiny paper…extra sparkle!

 Cute huh?

We went hiking yesterday after church.  I had a chance to try out my new hiking poles….they made all the difference…I HIGHLY recommend them 🙂

 My lil sugar boog
 Love the way my Erin Condren labels look with this wrapping paper…..

Juicing Juicing Juicing!!!!

We also had Mr. Kylon’s birthday party!


It was at the cutest place called the tree house.  It was in a church.  The tree had slides and all sorts of things coming out of it.  Happy birthday Kylon!!!!!
Happy Monday Ya’ll!
Have a cup o coffee for me would ya???




5 thoughts on “Weekend Randoms

  1. that tree house looks amazing! What a fun birthday to have!

    I saw that you did Kale in your juice… did you notice a change in the taste? I’ve been trying out kale in our smoothies and I feel like it’s not as sweet now.

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