Valentine Mini Photo Shoot

If you live in the DFW area and would like to have a Valentine day photo shoot


Email me at


Don’t you love the Valentine pj’s ???


They are from Carters store, they have cute V-day stuff at great prices right now!


 I wonder what Connor thinks of LOVE???
(That’s right…you can’t date until you’re 30 son!)
 Pics from the weekend :
  • I look like poo (sorry)
  • We Celebrated my nephew Jacob’s first birthday!
  • Went to Dallas to return something to Restoration Hardware, which by the way VERY GOOD customer service!!!!
  • Connor and I have both come down with the crud again…is it ever going to END???
  • We played with lots of cars.  Somebody is a bit obsessed right now!
I saw this phone contraption somewhere….isn’t it nifty?

I forgot where I saw this, but I can picture myself laying on my bed like I did when I was 16 talking to all my friends!  I remember it was such a big deal to have your own phone line in your bedroom growing up….now it’s all about cellphones!  Can you imagine!  Oh how times have changed.




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