Starbucks for Toddlers

No not really…
But we are throwing a little mini barista party for Connor 🙂
Today the stickers came in for the cups I ordered and I think they turned out fab!
 Connor loves coffee.
I only let him have a few sips.  I promise I’m not a crazy Momma!
I wouldn’t want him to be over stimulated or anything???

 I asked him who was on the cup and he proudly said : ” It’s CONNOR!”
 I ordered the plain white coffee cups from EBay (including lids)
 This actual Starbucks logo with Connor in it I made it myself in Photoshop.
I then ordered round glossy stickers from Sticker You and they turned out GREAT!
Hope you all have a great weekend!



5 thoughts on “Starbucks for Toddlers

  1. so creative! i saw you post the pic on twitter and for the life of me i just couldn’t figure out what it was – haha! i thought it might be a green party or something, but now it al makes perfect sense! so so cute!

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