Green with Envy

You are aren’t ya???

My sweet friend Michelle sent me the most amazing scarf!  It’s the perfect shade of Starbucks green and it means so much she thought enough to make it for me.  She’s a special gal yes she is!


If you want her to knit you a pretty scarf you can contact her through her blog HERE



I realize I look like a total doof in these pics…but I was having fun with my scarf yo!


Terence was telling me to work it….mmmhhmmmmmm…..

 We gave Connor a Girl Scout cookie last night….

Do you think he enjoyed it???


I have major rug burn on my knees today from chasing this dude around on the floor in the living room.  We were crawling around the ottoman….my knees are to old for that! LOL! But we had a blast!



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