A Mindless Mind Dump

What to blog about???
I have about a bazillion things on my mind, and about 25% of it I retain and remember to blog or talk about with others. The other 75% is are just fleeting thoughts.  Is this a a problem? 
Each week goes by faster and faster & my mind gets older.  Sigh. 
I’m looking forward to our trip to Europe next month.  Counting down the days actually.  I am kind of scared to be on an airplane for 8 hours.  That freaks me out.  I’m going to miss my baby boo SOOOOO much, but I can’t imagine taking him on a flight that long.  I also can’t imagine seeing all the things we want to see while there with our toddler in tow.  I think it will be a good trip for T and I and a much needed just vacay for just the two of us.
So here are some of the fleeting thoughts and photos I’ve had lately 😉
A little sneaky peeky of Connor’s 2nd birthday….which I must say is going to be ORIGINAL.
It’s going to be down right pimpin & fun will be had by all!
I ordered these stickers and plain white coffee cups with lids for the party.

Don’t worry I’m not feeding the kiddos espresso…I was thinking a “pretend coffee” with a hot chocolate bar?


We ordered a juicer and are excited to get juicing baby! Woohoo!
I went to Central Market today to pick up some kale, carrots, apples, and things to juice.
I got a little distracted by the Valentines day isle.
I love Central Market!!!!
I have a new favorite pen ya’ll.
It’s the Ink Joy pen.
These pens write super smooth and I love all the colors! 
They are on sale right now for around $3.50 for this package at Target

I won this cardigan from Lands End Canvas over Christmas just for tweeting!  I also won a couple other tops from there and a shirt for Terence.  Not to mention I won a Marley Lilly scarf!  And lots of toys and outfits for Connor.  I have won a LOT of stuff just for tweeting!  It’s awesome ya’ll! 

Me before work and coffee….frazzled much???
The other day I walked into the kitchen and Connor had my hiking boots on 🙂
Silly boy!

I’ve been wearing my glasses to work a lot more lately.  The computer screen is KILLING my eyeballs!  Anyone else have this problem?  Besides the fact that I look uber smart I still feel like a vampire because I want to sit in the dark.  No amount of eye drops helps this problemo and honestly I feel like it’s becoming an issue :/ 

Guess what?
I’m excited about The Firm (New TV show alert!)
I really like it so far!



8 thoughts on “A Mindless Mind Dump

  1. I had issues with my eyes a few years ago and had to stop wearing contacts for a few months. I have really dry eyes anyway but whatever allergy I was having at that time was making it worse. Hope its better for you soon. Congrats on winning such cool stuff and on Connor’s upcoming bday party. Sounds fun!

  2. Looks like it’s going to be a great party! What companies did you win all of the stuff for C through? I’m still kind of new to twitter-I don’t want to give you any extra competition-well maybe I do, if we’re all being honest :)-I’d love some tips!

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