We try to go hiking a few times a month as a family.  Terence likes to take us out into the wilderness and get lost in the middle of nowhere….he LOVES this ya’ll!

So when he wanted to go on a hike this past weekend I happily abliged. 

#1  I haven’t been in awhile
#2  I’ve been eating naughty during the holiday season.

I always feel better after a good day of hiking.  Terence told me it was a hike, but I think it was more like a freaking mountain!!!  My legs are so sore today!  There were lots of steep inclines and rocks….thank goodness for good hiking boots!

My little guy and his fro :

Ready to go!

Connor walked almost a mile by himself!

It was the perfect weather for a hike!  Dress in layers….best advice I can give 🙂
We had a great time & I look forward to the next hike with my boys!



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