Office Christmas Party

I work with such a great group of people!  They are awesome 🙂
We had our office Christmas party yesterday.  We feasted on Mexican food and chocolate cake.  We also drew numbers and played “dirty Santa”.  Nobody got tooooooo dirty….but we did have some gifts that were taken and re-taken!  It was a lot of fun!  I can’t believe it’s only 9 days until Christmas ya’ll!
Here is Bill selecting his gift….it’s a tough decision!
This was a popular one….the farting monkey.  Seriously.  Everyone wanted this thing!
We had two singing dogs.  They were pretty funny too.
Kevin got a pig popper!
Kendra got some wine
I ended up with my OWN gift….I had #10!!!!
That means I got to pick any gift & mine was the only one left on the table…so I took it!
Nothing better in my opinion than some Starbucks!!! ha ha!!!
Yummy Mexican food
And chocolate cake
Merry Christmas time indeed!



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