Mom of the Year

This morning I had to call 911.

Terence went into work early for a meeting this morning.  I was the only one home.

I put Connor in his car seat and then turned on the engine to heat up the car.  I ran back into the house for something I had forgotten and came back out only to realize all the doors were locked!

We don’t have a spare key.

I was freaking out… only option was to have the fire dept come out and open the car. 

20 minutes later they arrived and rescued me.  Connor was fine and even gave the firemen a high five.

Embarrassing…..geesh.  This has NOT been a great week for me :/

Thank you nice firemen for rescuing us!!!!



16 thoughts on “Mom of the Year

  1. Oh Honey! Don’t worry about it! Accidents happen! At least no one was hurt and Connor got to hang out with some awesome firemen 🙂 Love you!

  2. so glad everything’s ok! Just an FYI, I noticed on a pop a lock car one time that they open up cars for free if there’s a kid locked in there. They are now on my speed dial in case I ever have such an emergency. I’m pretty sure it’s a common mom mistake 🙂 Hope you have a good rest of your day!

  3. That happened at my son’s daycare a few years ago. Not to me but another mother and it was summer. She didn’t have the ac on either and the doors were locked. It was really scary. Glad they came right away for you today. Hope your week gets better.

  4. I’m so glad Connor is ok! He’ll never remember it, but I’m sure you will never forget! Aren’t you glad it isn’t July and 100 degrees outside?!!

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