Early Christmas Present

Okay ya’ll….this is unheard of!
Last WEEK I ordered this trampoline for Connor for Christmas.  I ordered it from Zulily, they are notorious for snail slow shipping.  I ordered and received this bad boy within a week!  Major points for Zulily!!!!
And I got it for $35!!! Score!

He LOVE LOVE LOVES this thing and he goes “kachow” like on the movie cars when he bounces.

Daddy put it together and Connor says thank you Santa! 🙂

This is just something I love and wanted to share…this product review is my own opinion!
I discovered Noodle & Boo hair products a couple weeks ago and I cannot tell you how much I love this!  It tames Connor’s fro curls perfectly!  It’s awesome….I have tried lots of products on his hair, and this by far is my favorite!
Love yuns!



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