Connor’s Big Boy Room

We aren’t quite finished with this whole process yet, but I thought I’d share some photos along the way.  This weekend we converted Connor’s crib to to a toddler bed….and lets just say it’s been a little rough getting him to stay put! 

The owls are all gone and have been replaced by airplanes.

I am loving the look of his new big boy room.  We still have a ways to go….but I’ll continue to update as we do things here and there 🙂

New bedding and toddler rail

I love the vintage airplane photos we found on Etsy….more on that a little later….
His room has an alcove above the closet so we hung this red plane up there

And another blue one in the corner

Like I said we aren’t finished yet, still have some furniture to buy and we are going to do something with his closet to help organize things.  Any suggestions? 

So far I am loving his big boy room….now if only he would stay in his bed!!!
We’ve had a crazy busy weekend!
Hope you all are doing well!



15 thoughts on “Connor’s Big Boy Room

  1. Super cute! How come you decided to convert the bed already? Just curious, as Sam loves his crib and doesn’t seem to want it any other way right now 🙂 (he’s almost 23 months)

  2. Love the new room….so cute! And wow – you are brave for switching him into the toddler bed – we are nowhere ready for that yet with Cannon….fingers crossed it stays that way for awhile. We only switched out Brooklynn’s bed when she was about 3 years old – and she would have happily stayed in her crib longer if I hadn’t been the one to want to switch it – ha! Definitely dreading the day Cannon isn’t confined anymore…can only imagine what will be waiting for us 🙁

  3. It looks amazing 🙂 We switched P at about 17 months and he did great the first week, wonderful the 2nd and 3rd week then hasn’t been so great at staying in it since without one of us staying in the room. But I have to remind myself they won’t be 8 and still need me to make sure they don’t climb out of bed 🙂 Love the cute planes!

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