Christmas Celebrations Begin!

Last night we had dinner over at Aunt Loyce and Uncle Garry’s house.  They were so sweet to have all of us over.  We had a blast and it was a great way to kick off Christmas week!

After all the festivities are over I have gotsta get back on my diet….ugh….that is all.

Someone getting into the tree…..

If you want to see a frazzled fro headed Momma look below.  I just got off work and then drove home like a mad woman in the rain.  I had no idea my hair was looking so bad???  Terence doesn’t tell me these things!!!!  (Just keeping it real)

The fireplace with all the fur babies stockings

Terence’s Family…well some of them
We must not forget the chocolate fondue!
Enjoy the week with your loved ones!
Enjoy the moments and hug them tight!



4 thoughts on “Christmas Celebrations Begin!

  1. Our tree is nothing but Disney ornaments too so I recognize a lot of similar ornaments… though I am a TAD jealous – I have never seen “The Incredibles” before in an ornament!!!!

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