Candid Christmas Recap

Most of the time I don’t carry my big honking camera with me everywhere I go.  I am loving my new phone camera, so a lot of the pictures I took over Christmas were with my phone.  I wanted to post these on the blog so I can cherish them forever 🙂

Candid Christmas recap:

Starbucks with my twinkie:

 Road trippin like a champ:

 Meeting one of my favorite blog friends for coffee:

 My kid running around the Buck like a mad man… :

 Eating the BEST Christmas cookies EVER! :

 Christmas get together with the besties:

 Christmas family self photo :

 Playing with cousin Jarrett and getting into mischief:

 Seeing lots of cows on the farm and learning to “mooooo” :

 Winning a beautiful Marley Lilly‘ scarf for twittering 🙂 :

I love these colors!
I’ve been sick as a dog today and my fever has gone up and down.  I’ve got chills then the sweats over and over again!  It’s awful 🙁  Pray we all get to feeling better for the new year….I HATE HATE HATE being sick! Ugh! blech! 



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