Wanna Win $50 & Get Great Hair???

Winter is right around the corner ya’ll!  I love this time of year…yummy food, the holidays, scarves, boots, and a dry, itchy scalp.

What? Huh?  A dry itchy scalp!  Yes, you heard me; I am a victim of dry skin and an itchy scalp. Lack of moisture in the winter can lead to super dry tresses.  No one likes to admit it, but it happens sometimes.  I don’t want to walk around with flakes in my hair when it’s not snowing outside!

I recently got to try the new Head & Shoulders Eucalyptus Itchy Scalp Care.  I have never been a one brand kind of gal when it comes to shampoo and conditioner, so I welcomed the Head & Shoulders Eucalyptus Itchy Scalp Care with open arms.  I have extremely curly hair and it’s hard to manage sometimes.  I usually have to put a lot of product on it to moisturize and smooth it down.

I have been using the Head & Shoulders Eucalyptus Itchy Scalp Care shampoo and conditioner for a couple of weeks.  My hair feels soft, my scalp is itch free, and my hair smells fresh and clean!  In the winter we have hot conditions indoors and cold conditions outside, this causes your hair to lose moisture and become dry and dull.

Head & Shoulders collection of soothing products promises to ease your scalp and dandruff problems. With 84% of surveyed scalp issue sufferers concerned about these issues, head & shoulders has combined the effectiveness of their HydraZinc formula to alleviate these conditions leaving your hair beautifully flake free*. (* Visible flakes with regular use. Up to 100% Flake Free.)
If you suffer from dry, itchy scalp I challenge you to try the Head & Shoulders Eucalyptus Itchy Scalp Care.  And if you don’t have a dry itchy scalp I promise you’ll love it too! 

How does an extra $50 sound?  I’d love to hear your answers to the question:

“How do you change your beauty routine in the colder winter season from the warmer seasons?”  Leave me a comment to be entered for a chance to win a $50 Visa Gift Card, generously provided to one reader by BlogHer!

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123 thoughts on “Wanna Win $50 & Get Great Hair???

  1. I switch to an extra moisturizing conditioner and only wash my hair every other day. I have very curly hair and if I don’t do that I tend to look like I stuck my finger in a socket! I also have to change to a more moisturizing lotion. And I have to make sure I put it on the small of my back. If I don’t that spot gets very dry and sometimes cracked. I can’t ever seem to get enough moisture in the winter!

  2. I use a color specifc for dry processed hair and then spray on root lifter plus sleek spray to help with static and then hairspray, shwew!

    Lots of lotion plus foot creme for cracked heels.

    Cuticle creme my hands dry out so bad.

    Multiple lip balms, I especially love Burts Bees this time of year!

    Ramona Hayes hayesinkc@aol.com

  3. Honestly, my beauty routine is no different for me in winter than it is any other time of the year. That’s not to say the weather doesn’t change—it does, drastically. I might use a bit more lotion and Chapstick in the winter, but that’s about as changing as I get!

  4. My hands gets really dry with the cold of winter, so I slather on the cream. I especially love the one I have from Bliss.

    Lip balm is also something I use year-round, but apply several times a day during the colder months.

  5. I seem to moisturize more (hair, face & body) in the winter time. In the summer, I still moisturize, but just not as heavily. I’m a greasy mess in the warmer months, but come cold weather & I’m one dried up, flaky mess. Ha ha ha!

  6. I try to go longer (more days) in between shampooing my hair since it is already pretty dry. Also, use Pond’s cream daily and the closest lip gloss I can find.

  7. I noticed in the winter my scalp gets super dry and itchy at times. I hate it. So I use moroccan oil or olive oil and wrap my hair in a towel or a plastic shower cap and sleep with it. Maybe once a week I’ll do it but usually I forget to or don’t wanna deal with the goop
    imnotarunner at gmail dot com

  8. In the winter I use baby oil gel on my itchy scratchy legs and load up on extra thick moisturizer for my face and hands. I also let my conditioner sit longer in the shower to help make my hair nice and shiny.

  9. My skin gets extremely dry in the winter. I have to use a thicker/heavier lotion during the winter months and I use lotion more than once a day.

  10. My feels drier in winter, and flat from wearing hats..Wash my hair and use a deep conditioner in the winter,
    Hardly ever wear eyeshadow during the summer, when winter hits I start wearing again
    I change my nail polish a bit and wear more glittery golds, green, or reds for the Holidays.
    karenmed409 at comcast dot net

  11. I have to change my facial cleanser from combo/oily to normal/dry. The dry, cold weather does a number on my T-zone. I also have to switch to a moisture shampoo/conditioner so I don’t get the crazy static hair!!

  12. We all have dry skin around here and the furnace makes it worse, so we switch to really heavy skin creams, usually with nice winter scents (spicy things like gingerbread and cinnamon) and wash hair less frequently and try to shower in slightly cooler water.

  13. with very dry cracked hands and feet,heavy heavy moisturizers in the winter..even sleeping with gloves and socks to get the full effect..
    makeup change to a softer lighter shade, still using same basic purples and greens in eyeshadows (i have very greenish hazel eyes) soft peachy coral blush, and a softer coral lipstick.. and of course the magic trick is to drink more WATER to keep hydrated!
    the product is interesting.. will definitely check it out! will it work for color treated hair?

  14. The only change I really make is using a humidifier. If I don’t use a humidifier in the winter, my forehead gets crazy flaky/peely and no amount of lotion or cream or oil will rehydrate it. But as long as I sleep with my humidifier going, all is right in the forehead world! LOL
    14earth at gmail dot com

  15. I wash my hair less often, so that I don’t strip the oils off of it. Also, I sometimes go from lotion to a thicker cream.

    rmaslow a@t yahoo d.ot com

  16. I switch up my shampoo and conditioner, of course with a new hair cute, lots of lip balm, and moisturizer with spf 30 because sun rays are still harmful in the winter.

    Great giveaway!

  17. I just started working out, so I’m drinking more, eating more protein, and using more lotion to stay hyrdated looking and feeling

    seanm1999 at hotmail dot com

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