Make Me Over Aquage Review

Aquage has been all over the Internet lately and I’ve heard lots of people Twitter and blog about it.  It’s basically a foam/mousse that you spray on your hair and it’s supposed to amplify it.

I received it last week and I had very high expectations.  Honestly, I personally haven’t noticed that much of a difference, but it did give my hair a bit of a lift.


I am missing my longer hair.  I like the short hair, it’s easier to dry and style.  I miss my pony tails though :/

I ordered mine HERE
So what do you think???
Have ya’ll tried Aquage???
My Mommy knitted this scarf for me = Love.
Hope you all have a great weekend!



6 thoughts on “Make Me Over Aquage Review

  1. My Mom has been using it for YEARS!!! She uses the gel like version! I think it works better than the spray because you put it on your wet hair and then blow dry! You get more lift! I do love your new hair style! It looks great on you!

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