Holiday Party Gals

Last night Kindra and I went to a Christmas shopping dinner with our office. It was a ton of fun and OMG the food was soooooooooooo good! There were some really fun things there…. I think I ate my weight at the dessert bar!  We were all saying how much we love party food, I better watch it or I’ll start looking like Santa with a belly full of jelly :/ 

We had a great time, here are some pictures Kindra took last night :

Kindra and I with our “White Russians”
They also served peppermint martinis, chocolate mint martinis, and candy cane punch!
My desserts…nobody touch my plate or I’ll get you!!!!
The ice sculptures were SO beautiful too!
I love Christmas parties! Yay!  This is why it’s my favorite time of year 🙂



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