Olay Professional Pro-X Clear Line Review & $50 Drugstore.com Giveaway!

I recently had the opportunity to try the new Olay Professional Pro-X Clear Line.  Did you know over half of women in the U.S. between the ages of 25 and 58 have some form of acne?  The past few weeks I’ve been using these products diligently & have definitely noticed smoother skin and my pores seem smaller! 

As a teenager I suffered from severe acne.  It was so bad that eventually I was put on prescription medicine to deal with the problem.  I remember the medicine drying out my skin so bad that my hands would peel.  It was humiliating!  I was so insecure about myself because of the sores on my face.  Acne affects you not only on the outside, but on the inside as well.

Now that I am a bit older my skin has changed.  I don’t deal with severe breakouts like I used to, but I do still have issues with acne.  I have used all sorts of products for acne over the years…and I can say that the Olay Professional Pro-X Clear Line not only helped my acne, but it was gentle on my skin and didn’t dry it out.  It’s specifically designed with the needs of adult skin in mind and contains a clinically proven technology to control acne plus help minimize the appearance of pores and refine texture in as little as four weeks.  Over the past few years I have dealt with PCOS, a pregnancy, breastfeeding, and I just turned 30!  Yikes!  My hormones have been all over the place, and it shows on my face. 

Most acne medications on the market today are designed for teenagers and don’t meet the skin care needs of adult women.  Over time our skin evolves, it ages, wrinkles, and thins.  My skin has become more sensitive, I can’t use the same products I used at 16 years old.  I don’t wear the same jeans I did at 16 either…..sigh…..

My point is as we age it doesn’t mean we don’t get acne anymore! It’s so nice that Olay Professional Pro-X Clear Line is addressing this problem for women of all ages.  I remember thinking that once I hit a certain age I wouldn’t have to deal with acne anymore, unfortunately that isn’t the case.  It’s still something I deal with on a daily basis.  Don’t you just hate waking up and looking in the mirror only to notice you’ve turned into Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer over night?  I’ve had many horror moments like this.  It’s usually about the time I have something I want to look extra nice for too. 

If you implement a daily regimen to keep your acne under control now then you won’t find yourself the night before a big event dotting your skin with alcohol and toothpaste trying to dry those zits out.  (Which by the way doesn’t work!)  Now that sounds stressful doesn’t it?  Olay Professional Pro-X Clear Line is just 3 steps & is so easy to start using in your everyday life.

The 3-step system includes:
Step 1 – Olay Professional Pro-X Clear Pore Clarifying Cleanser: A wash off salicylic acid acne treatment that reduces oil and removes dead skin to help prevent clogged pores, while helping prevent new acne from forming.
Step 2 – Olay Professional Pro-X Clear Skin Clearing Treatment: A full face leave-on salicylic acid treatment designed to bring acne under control and help prevent future breakouts.
Step 3 – Olay Professional Pro-X Clear Complexion Renewing Lotion: A sheer moisturizer that hydrates to help fade the look of spots and redness for an overall renewed appearance.
Additional products in the line include:
Olay Professional Pro-X Clear SPF 15 Moisturizer: A non-comedogenic, oil-free moisturizer that helps protect against harmful UVA/UVB.
Olay Professional Pro-X Clear Intensive Refining Sulfur Mask Sulfur Acne Treatment: A non-comedogenic mask that helps dry
I like a routine and I like things that are laid out for me so I don’t have to think about them.  The more simple, the better in my book!  That’s why Olay Professional Pro-X Clear Line is so easy….it’s already planned out for you!  It’s an easy 3-step daily skin care regimen and acne system that uses proven technology to reduce and help prevent frustrating blemishes and breakouts.  So if you are an adult suffering from acne please try this out!  I promise you’ll be so happy you did and your skin will thank you!
While we’re on the subject of taking care of your skin, you might want to check out this post by Roxanna Sarmiento in the Life Well Lived section of BlogHer.com. She has some great tips for developing habits that will help your skin looks its best! http://goo.gl/IxOpP

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67 thoughts on “Olay Professional Pro-X Clear Line Review & $50 Drugstore.com Giveaway!

  1. My pores are much more noticeable now as I grow up compared to my teen years especially when I don’t get enough rest.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  2. One good thing I like about growing older is more appreciation for life and the things in my life like family and friends along with appreciating the smaller things in life.

  3. The best thing about getting older for me is I don’t really care so much about what other people think! I am a bit more confident in my older age. 🙂

  4. There are lots of good things about growing older. I feel more comfortable with myself, I no longer worry about what others think and I know what is and isn’t important in my life.

  5. I never thought I would love getting older.. I mean, physically it isn’t the easiest but emotionally I have learned so much about myself and I feel like I finally have found out who Mandy is. I also have learned to love myself rather than always trying to change the person I felt I was. Thanks heavens for getting older and finding the real you!

  6. One good thing about being older… eating ice cream for dinner and no one telling you, that’s bad. 🙂 lol*

    thanks for the opportunity girl! 🙂
    abitnerdygirl at gmail dot com

  7. I have pretty good skin, and even over 40 I don’t have too many wrinkles yet but I still get those annoying menstrual pimples every month and they really bother me.

  8. I don’t like much about getting older and have recently started really fretting about it actually. That said, I will admit that I do enjoy be comfortable in my opinions and not feeling obligated to agree just to save face. I just don’t care what others think. LOL
    14earth at gmail dot com

  9. One things I love about being older–emotional stability! I used to cry ALL the time when I was a teenager (and even in my early 20s). The smallest thing could cause me to go into a rollercoaster of emotions. Now I feel so much more steady on my feet, so to speak.

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