Having a "THee" Time :-)

Tonight my co-worker and friend Kindra and I attended a blog event at THee.  It’s the cutest little shop in Dallas.  They invited a bunch of local bloggers to come look around and have a meet and greet.  We had a fabulous time!

Here are a few photos from the nights events:

Kindra and I wearing a pumpkin hat

We also saw the Beibs
(I don’t think he’s that tall in real life???)
I was in LOVE with all the paper lanterns adorning the store

Some of my favorite things:

* Owl cutting board
* Mustache straws
* Razorback gear
* Owl tea towels

And did I mention they had hats???  LOTS of them!
Anyone want a wine sippy cup? 
**For ADULTS only**
More Favorites:
* Owl Platter
* I love this chandelier
* Owl Christmas cards
* Big ole harry spider
This alphabet painting is amazing!

Halloween display

Cute Halloween owls
Kindra and I with our fab “swag bags”
Thanks THee for hosting such a fun event and I can’t wait to go back soon!
You can also visit them on Facebook HERE



8 thoughts on “Having a "THee" Time :-)

  1. OK I’ve seen several of your pics on Pinterest but I didn’t realize what they were! This looks like such a fun time! I wish I would have been able to meet up with you in Dallas!

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