Saturday Morning Scene

We got a fun hat from Groovy Holidays.  They have the cutest banners, bags, & hats!  If you haven’t been over there to check it out you must because it is cuteness galore.  I already saw a banner I love for birthdays 🙂

The diet is going well.  I’m down 3 pounds so far this week.  AND….wait for it….it’s been a WEEK without Starbucks!!! Holla! 

I’m not gonna lie.  It hasn’t been easy watching my co-workers eat cake and candy all week right in front of me while I politely decline, but you have to start somewhere!

Now I’m gonna go spend my weekend with this crazy head who’s locked himself in closets twice already.  I try to explain if you shut the door on yourself YOU CAN’T GET OUT!!!!  Then I’ll hear screaming in the background and can’t find him….he’s in the closet….ugh!

Want to win a super cute Trick-Or-Treat bag?
Just leave me a comment.
I’ll pick a winner via on Oct 8th

Happy weekend friends 🙂



12 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Scene

  1. Good for you on sticking to the diet! SO hard!!! That’s great and you’re already done with one week! Great work!!! I’m jealous of your 3 pound weight loss!!!! I think I gained 3 pounds this week =)

  2. Hey there – that is the cutest bag ever! So impressed that you are doing so well with your diet in the heart of prime candy time – keep up the good work!

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