My Accent Vlog

Without further ado here is my “Accent Vlog”
This was BS (Before Starbucks) at around 6:30 this morning 😛

I’m linking up with a bunch of other gals on Twitter & from Jenna’s blog.  I don’t know that I have an accent, but this was embarrassing for me! Ha ha! 

Obviously I am reading the questions directly off of Jenna’s blog as I’m taping.  Also, in my defense I have some major allergies going on as well!  Sorry about the camera view, I don’t have a webcam on my desktop computer so I had to rig it to tape from my digital camera.  It was hard to read the questions & look at the camera at the same time 🙂

Can’t wait to see all of your accents too!!!



15 thoughts on “My Accent Vlog

  1. HEEE HEEE… Love it! I’ve of course talked to you on the phone – so I had a hint about what you sound like.

    I’m still rolling over the “use the dollar store TP don’t go buy the Charmin” HAHAHAH! Too cute!

  2. I LOVE this! Your voice is beautiful. I have to remember that you live in texas but are not FROM Texas so you don’t sound all twangy and Texan.

    I am doing mine tonight. Get ready for some Aussie twang!

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