Friday Randoms for Fall

We’ve had so much going on lately I can barely keep my head up!
  • Connor watching Daddy dance with Elmo and Cookie Monster on Kinect
  • My good friend Julie gave me this owl candle holder & you can burn oil on the top of it.  The whole house smelled so yummy last night! Loving all these fall scents out right now…..
  •  Our neighbors are crazy and inflate their yard art every Sunday..ha..ha…
  •  I’ve been decorating my desk at work with pictures of the ones I love 🙂  I am loving my new job by the way!  I’m just ten times more busy than I used to be!!!  Eeeeek!
  •  I vampirized my coworker Mimi!  You can turn anyone into a vampire right now on
  • I also received another Klout perk from  These cute little business cards and they came in adorable packaging as well and they were FREE!
  • Diet is still going well….lost 6 pounds so far.  The weight is definitely not coming off as fast this week 🙁
  • I’m loving this cooler weather and looking forward to a fun filled weekend!
Happy Friday Ya’ll!
xoxo Becky



7 thoughts on “Friday Randoms for Fall

  1. I haven’t read blogs in forever. What is your new job? How exciting. And AWESOME job with losing 6 lbs. I need to do something, too. I want to lose about 25 lbs. The older we get the harder it is. And it was already hard for me! Ha. 🙂 Good job, Mama!!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! So happy for you. I’m (kind of) in the process of trying to lose the last several pounds of baby weight but the problem is, I don’t want to have to work TOO hard for it lol! You’re doing great!

    Your moo cards are too cute. I didn’t have enough klout for that perk and really, I’m not sure what I would’ve used the cards for anyway. But they would be nice to have “just in case.”

    What’s your new job? I’m sure you mentioned it at some point on your blog but I have such a hard time keeping up with everyone’s blogs these days with the new(ish) baby! It sounds (from Twitter) like you’re enjoying it, so that’s great!

    Hope y’all enjoy your weekend! xoxo

  3. you should be SO proud of 6 lbs…seriously! most people struggle for 1 lb a week, so you should feel very, very good about this. remember, making a lifestyle change takes time…the healthy way 🙂

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