Diet Day One

So tomorrow starts day ONE of our diet.  We’ve committed as a family to do this diet for a whole 30 days…and after that make it a lifestyle change.  Eventually we’ll be able to add other things back in, but for the first 30 days we are pretty much going gluten free.  No bread, no dairy, no sugar.

No Starbucks.

I’m currently detoxing and it ain’t fun yo.

It will get better, and I know after all of this I’ll feel better.  I’m tired of feeling sluggish and icky.  I’m ready to live my life and feel good!  Inside and out!

We will be following a Paleo diet plan.  We bought Sarah’s book this weekend and then bought all our groceries for the week.  Her book is great because it LAYS IT OUT STRAIGHT for you.  It also includes a shopping list and menu plan for each week. 

So we cleaned out our fridge and pantry.  We got rid of all the junk we’ve been eating, except for a few staples for Connor. 

 We replaced it with fresh greens, protein, and veggies.

 And donated all our food instead of trashing it…..

Breakfast is already made for tomorrow morning 🙂

We are excited to start this journey and I look forward to blogging about it over the next month!  Here is to looking and feeling better!!!

Tomorrow….back to the daily grind!
Thank you Liz for commenting and bringing this diet to our attention!!!
We thank you!



11 thoughts on “Diet Day One

  1. Ha, crazy! We started today. My husband put uncooked bacon in the egg “cupcakes”. Pretty greasy. Our food bill was $400! ususally $130. Except for the expense, so far so good.

  2. Hey Becky!
    i follow you on twitter (@jenngetts)
    i’m excited to see how you guys do on this :o)
    we have done the Maker’s Diet in the past and loved it!!!
    i have never heard of this one…i’m going to look into it :o)
    praying for y’all!!!

  3. Praying for y’all as you start this diet plan! Good for y’all! My family has also been very convicted lately with all of the junk we are putting into our bodies, not juse mine and my hubs’, but the kids as well. We are starting fresh and eating better as well!

    Don’t know if you mentioned exercise at all, but if you can, you should run. Start slow if you have to, Couch to 5K or something, but get outside either at night after Connor is in bed or in the morning if you have time, and you will see a big difference. Trust me, I know it’s hard to find time, but it’s so good in the end!

    This was long, sorry! GOOD LUCK!!!! Rooting you on!!

  4. Yay! I’m so glad my comments did some good 🙂
    My husband and I don’t eat a strictly paleo diet, but we do follow the primal lifestyle regularly. I’m 100% OK eating some dairy and with paleo, you aren’t supposed to. We also both race mt. bikes and he’s an ultra marathon runner in his spare time, so we’ve had to add in rice, some beans and he eats potatoes when he’s really training.
    Other than that, we follow primal from Marksdailyapple and use the 80/20 rule.
    It took me a year to make the full change, which was fine, so don’t feel bad at all if you slip up or need a break or have a special occasion! Remember, this is NOT a diet. We refrain from using that word in our house 🙂
    Feel free to email me anytime. GOOD LUCK!

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