It seems we now have our own little Linus.ย 
We can’t go ANYWHERE without the blankie these days or he freaks out!

Love you my little Linus….
My twinkie and I were Skyping the other night & both realized we were wearing our NYC shirts ๐Ÿ™‚
Totally not planned…’s a twin thing!

Lots of peeps have been Tweeting about their new Erin Condren planners.ย  One thing a lot ofย us noticed was that the tabs were wearing down quickly.ย  I just throw mine it my purse & I’m pretty rough on things : \

I used some clear duck tape over each one of mine and then cut the excess tape off.ย  It was an easy fix and now they are sealed and will hopefully last longer.ย 

“Wow…that was EASY!”



13 thoughts on “Linus

  1. A) I feel ya on the lioness issue – we have our own!!!! School + blankey = no bueno
    B) I have tried to skype your sister on my phone because it has video and she is never there ๐Ÿ™
    C) need to borrow your clear duct tape next time I see you to secure up my tabs!!!!
    D) LOVE YA

  2. I have a Linus as well, actually, I have 2 of them. Both of my kids are blankie-a-holics. They each have a small one and a bigger one like Connor has. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Y’all are too cute in your NY shirts!!!

  3. I STILL have my blankie. It’s in my closet. I think I stopped sleeping with it when I had Malia. Lame, I know.

    Good idea about the tape. My planner came today. The binding is a bit weird at the bottom of my planner, but oh, well. I didn’t realize it would be so thick! It’s not just a planner, but a weapon, too!!

    And, I love that you & Bonnie were in your matching shirts…yay twin ESP!

  4. Ok. He is soooo precious with that blankie.

    What a great idea for the tabs. I noticed one of mine crinkling already and this will totally solve the problem. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Brayden is a linus too. He calls his blankets his buddies, and yes, I am saying blankets, as in plural. I got an extra blanket thinking that I would have 1 in his crib and an extra one. But he found the extra one and is insistent that he use both. :/

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