Fall Foodie

Connor got his first polo shirt 🙂
 Now he officially looks 100% like his Daddy
 I had to get some pictures of him of course 😉
He is so hilarious!

I’ve been feeling the urge to bake some fall goodness lately.  So off to Pinterest I go and I found these cuties!  Aren’t they cool?  That’s a Halloween oreo in the middle!

 Pretzel sticks held together with white chocolate to make a web
 This is an adorable idea for candy.  It’s “battyful”!
I really want to make these s’more cookies next week
Recipe found HERE & they look super simple

I ordered jewelry last week from Jewel MintGroupon was having a deal where you got two pieces for $20 (a $60 value) so I used a credit and basically got these two pieces for free!  

 I LOVE this necklace
You can wear it two ways
(Not so sure the earrings are my style?….Giveaway maybe?)



6 thoughts on “Fall Foodie

  1. Haha – yes YOU must have that cup. Very you!

    I’ve been feeling the itch to bake too. I’m waiting for at least September to come before I start making pumpkin flavored things. (o:

  2. I love that cup…so fancy. I’d have to fight for it though…Layla would steal it in a heart beat!

    I love Connor’s shirt! That color makes his eyes pop…so blue! I love it! He is the cutest little thing girl…you are so blessed.

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