Twilight Turtle Love

Connor got a Twilight Turtle the other day.  This is the cutest thing ever!  It lights up his entire room with a starry night sky.  I’ve talked about how much I love our Sleep Sheep.  We’ve used it since we brought Connor home from the hospital and we still use it every single night.  Cloud B has the most adorable products to help sooth your child and help them sleep better. 

Here is Connor boy checking out Mr. Turtle :

 “Wow Momma!”

 You can change the color of the sky to blue, green or amber
I know this will be another item we keep for years to come…….
 Thank you Cloud B for our Twilight Turtle, we love it!
Sweet Dreams!



10 thoughts on “Twilight Turtle Love

  1. So sweet! My son has slept with Twilight Turtle in his room since he was about 3 and decided he was afraid of the dark. 🙂 I’ve been wanting to get the Twilight Ladybug for my baby girl but will probably wait until she’s 2 or so.

  2. I was so hoping you were giving one away! I have been thinking of getting one for Tessa, but haven’t yet. Maybe for Christmas or her 2nd birthday. She sleeps really well, so I don’t really need one, just want one!

  3. The boys loved theirs! We ended up getting two so they each could choose a color of stars (yes, we caved). They are currently out of their room because they decided that throwing them at each other was the most fun. Maybe we’ll re-introduce them some day. Love those things!

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