Smokey Eyeballs

I love to play with makeup.  Who doesn’t???  I got a new eyeshadow/blush palette from Stila the other day.  When my friend Ellen was in town a couple weeks ago I asked her what were her faves and Stila was one she had mentioned. 
I also love a great smokey eye.  I have had issues in the past getting the look just right.  In fact I still have issues…but whatever…..
So I’ll show you how I do it, and if you have any tips for me feel free to leave a comment!
1.  Bare eyes (I have no makeup on…so ugh….sorry about that)
2.  Put the darkest shade on the corner crease of your lid
3.  Here is the finished look with 3 colors blended in
4.  Eyes open…Usually I’ll put liner/mascara/and makeup on…but I was too lazy for these photos!
(You can see how it really makes your eyes POP even without liner or mascara on)
I think there is a fine line between going too dark though…I don’t want to look like I have a black eye!
1.  Chanel #4 liner brush
2.  Chanel #12 contour brush
3.  Clinique true black cream eyeliner

Stila beach palet $14.00

And this has nothing to do with makeup, but everyone is obsessed with PINTEREST right now and I found this Nikon cake.  I LOVE IT!  Of course I am obsessed with my camera sooooo this makes me happy 🙂

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 We wish you a happy weekend!!!!
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11 thoughts on “Smokey Eyeballs

  1. my friend just had her husbands camera made into a cake too. how funny. but im jealous you can do make up, im a concealer, bronzer, chap stick and on a fancy day mascara….

  2. Looks great! I love playing around with make up too.

    On Westin’s shirts I just used a regular thread that I already had. I just cut it reallllly long and looped it through the needle and then tied a knot at the end of the two ends so it was doubled up. Clear as mud? Haha

  3. I’ve always wanted to give my eyes the smokey look but every time I end up looking like a drag queen…ha!! You did a great job…and I LOVE Stila products!!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend…love your Starbucks divas on the side…love that place:)

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