Kitchen Gadgets Part 2

I got this cool sandwich/food keeper for Connor’s lunches.  One side is for a sandwich & the other is for fruits & other snacks.  I also got this at Sur la Table.  I think it was like $6 bucks or something!

 Nifty huh?

Another thing I like is this knife/cutter.  My mother in law got it for me.  I am trying to think of the first time I saw these, I think it was in Alaska???  They are cool because you just rock back and forth and it makes cutting easier on your hands.  Connor likes cheese cubes….so this is how I do it.

Mini cheddar biscuits
 They are teeny tiny…the perfect size 🙂

I love this towel.  It was a gift from Summer and I think of her every time we use it!  It shows all the major buildings around NYC.  Isn’t it so neat!!!  Just wanted to show her that I was using her gift & I LOVE IT!



5 thoughts on “Kitchen Gadgets Part 2

  1. Cute stuff! I love that knife and the towel!

    My new blog is if you want to stop by. 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!!

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