Hot Pink Surprise Cake

This weekend I wanted to bake something FUN!
I have seen several pictures of the rainbow cake that Martha Stewart made.  Mine is a little bit funkier that is for sure….I did a hot pink icing…..
 And in the middle I did purple and green 🙂

It sort of looks like a mardi gras cake or something.  It’s definitely NOT perfect, but it was fun and tasted great!  I always like to add a little bit of almond extract to my icing and cake.  It makes all the difference 😉

This weekend has been CRA-ZAY!!!
I am behind on announcing the contest winners from last week so here they are :

The winner of the jewelry organizer is Shannon @ Milk & Cuddles
The winner of the Bumbo cover is Lindsey @ Connor Chronicles
Please email me @  with your info gals
Hope everyone had a BRIGHT weekend! LOL!



14 thoughts on “Hot Pink Surprise Cake

  1. Great looking cake! How fun! I add almond extract to my cakes sometimes too…esp when I make anniversary cakes. It does make all the difference.

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