Big Boy Room Inspiration

So I’m phasing out of the “owl” theme into something more big boy-ish for Connor’s room.  Terence and I can’t decide between an airplane or a rocket ship theme???  I personally want to do a space room 🙂
I love to decorate & we noticed this new bedding in the Pottery Barn Kids fall catalog :

 Pillow via Etsy

 Mobile via Etsy, but I could probably make this myself

 Rocket lamp at Pottery Barn Kids

 Space light switch via Etsy, again I could probably make one myself

Framed Space art on Etsy

 Solar system mural via Pottery Barn

 Rocket name decal via Etsy

Well, those are all my ideas so far and thanks to Pinterest I can keep them all compiled in one place!

We had a great weekend!  It was an extremely BUSY one and I’ll recap on that later.  We had a lot going on!  Saturday I helped my gal Amber bake 100 cupcakes for Ticen and Erin’s wedding on Sunday night.  I also got to shoot pictures of their wedding and I hope they turned out decent…..eeeek!

We also celebrated at an engagement party for Terence’s Aunt and her fiance!  It was a good, crazy, fun filled weekend!  My parents may be driving up for a visit the end of this week and I’m SO excited! 

Hope you all had a great one! xoxo Becky



9 thoughts on “Big Boy Room Inspiration

  1. Love this theme! Asher had some rocket PJs last year that I loved on him. Poor guy got stuffed into them as long as I could. ha!

    Would you be able to send me an invite to Pinterst? I’ve been resisting, but I think my will is broken. I’ve got to get on there!

    Thanks if you can!

  2. I love the space theme and I think it would last much longer than some other themes!

    The chalk board wall is such a fun idea…I’d love to do that for Hayden.

  3. I am a HUGE fan of PBK bedding. Both my my kiddos have PBK bedding. In fact, each is on their second set because beds got bigger & decor tastes changed. I have a feeling I’ll be buying new bedding for Aidan this Christmas because he wants a full sized bed.

  4. Hello! I am doing a spaced themed room right now for my son and bought the bedding from pottery barn. It was so worth the money! It is so nice and not overly childish so I can see my son growing into it. Also I am in the process of painting my own variation of the mural you have as an idea as well. just wanted to encourage you to go for it!!! 🙂

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