Wedding Bells

We have had a super busy weekend!  We attended a rehearsal dinner Friday night for T’s cousin Katy & her (now hubby) Michael.  It was at Joe T’s, which is a really good mexican restaurant here in Fort Worth.  They have a chapel across the street that was converted into a banquet room.  It was a great location and we even had an appearance by the TCU horned frog 🙂  Lots of TCU fans in the wedding party!
Michael & Katy

Nell & Granddaddy
Sisters of the bride : Lesley & Macy
Lesley & Connor
Terence, Connor, & I

Future horn frog?
Group shot of all the past and present TCU horned frogs 🙂
We had a great time and the wedding on Saturday night was just beautiful!
Sunday I took some engagement photos of another sweet couple.  You can see them HERE
I am not starting a photography business, I just do it for friends and family…just thought it would be a nice place to show all my photos.  I’m still a work in progress that is for sure! 
Hope everyone had a great weekend! xoxo Becky



4 thoughts on “Wedding Bells

  1. considering photography is a revolving art (things are always changing), I hardly think anyone could ever say they are a master of it. You did great!

  2. We LOVE Joe Ts! Have been to many parties in that room. I love those large nachos as an appetizer. All of their food is so good. Your photos are fabulous. 🙂

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