Summer Summer Summer Time!

It’s been a hot one around these parts let me tell ya!  Yesterday we were out and of course I was wearing a silk shirt and had sweat dripping all down my back, that was attractive I am sure!  I end every sentence on this blog in an exclamation point.  I know this.  It’s because every sentence I am exclaiming something and I don’t have good grammar skillz okay? 

This weekend has been pretty chill, which doesn’t bother me one bit because I like to “just chill”.  We did the usual, park, grocery shop, watch some TV, and church.  Just enjoying the summer weather and spending time with the fam.   Of course I take my camera with me everywhere and I got some great pics at the park yesterday.  They should just embed the camera in my arm because I’m that attached to it.  So lil dude was really cooperative yesterday and let his sweaty Momma take some pictures 🙂
I think there should be a Baby GQ magazine & this could totally be the cover 😉
Every mother thinks their kid is cute don’t they?  Ha..ha..
 Playing with Dad
(I still don’t know what to get T for Father’s Day??? 
 Lord knows he won’t let me spend a solid nickel on him….so I haven’t a clue!)

 “I love these holey things Momma!”
 Have you EVER seen a squirrel lay like this??? 
This squirrel was very relaxed because I got two feet from him and he didnt’ budge!
“Watch out for flying droooooool”
 One of Connor’s staples right now is grilled cheese
It’s seriously one of the only things he will eat.

 “Momma why you take so many pictures of me?”
 “Because I love you son and you are growing way too fast!”
“Okay, I’ll smile then :)”
 Our little flower bed makeover is thriving….
We started our healthy eating this weekend and so far we’ve both done well today!
Bring on the veggies and fruit….I’m ready to lose this muffin top!

Isn’t this beautiful and this time of year is the BEST time to go on a diet because there are so many fruits and veggies in season….so why not start now!

Happy Weekending Everyone!
Enjoy it because tomorrow is Monday……

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12 thoughts on “Summer Summer Summer Time!

  1. Great pics of lil man! He is so cute. I try and eat lots of fruits and veggies in the summer too. We are on vacation right now so its harder.

  2. Love the pictures! Connor is so handsome!!

    It was great seeing y’all yesterday and we need to get together again soon!!

    I’m trying to eat better too. I love fruits and veggies this time of year!!

    Oh, I moved to a new blog by the way…

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