Oh Pool Boy!

Connor and I had the whole day together today!  Daddy went out to play golf and have lunch with a friend.  I made Connor some macaroni and cheese (his fave right now) and then we took a short nap.  After nap time we went to a premier jewelry party and got some new bling….which by the way I will be hosting a party in August if anyone wants to come???

Connor & I stopped by Starbucks to get coffee for me and some milk for him….which he spilled ALL over himself before the jewelry party!  FYI– it’s not a good thing to JUST have coffee all day.  I am trying to watch what I eat because I have put on 10 freaking pounds since I stopped breastfeeding!!!  I no longer have 500+ calories sucked out everyday, but am still eating like a horse!!!  YOU CANNOT DO THAT….Ugh….so frustrated and my pants are tight right now!
Buy Buy Baby just opened a brand spanking new store 5 mins from our house.  I love that place and the fact that you can use Bed Bath & Beyond coupons there too!  I bought way too much crap that I probably didn’t need….oh well 🙂
Including this pool which took me almost an hour to blow up.  I had a headache after I was finished.  Well worth it though because Connor loved it.  He wouldn’t sit down in it, but still had fun!
Little squatter….he would not sit all the way down.

 Splash! Splash!
It’s getting really hot in Texas right now!

Oh – here is my dining room Terence’s new home office.  We got this desk and file cabinet a few weeks ago and so far it’s worked really well for him!  We aren’t really formal people and usually eat in the living room anyway, so I have no problem giving up this space for him to work.


We do know that in our next home we DO want a separate dedicated office now! ha..ha..

 Night all we are off to bed!
 Don’t you just love a cute little hiney in the air???



9 thoughts on “Oh Pool Boy!

  1. It’s getting really hot here too…we are thinking of upgrading our kiddy pool to a bigger one when we get back from vacay…he looks like he enjoyed his pool time! Love them at that age 🙂

  2. I love those little pools! I think every kid deserves one growing up. And honestly, it’s so hot here part of me wishes we did have one so I could just sit inside it and read. Ha!

  3. Hopefully you won’t be like me. It took about 6 months but I gained 19 pounds after I quit breastfeeding my girls…. I’m still trying to get it off and they are 3!

  4. Becky! Next time Hyung and Terence hang out we need to hang out! Haha! I was waiting for him all day and then when he came back, he took a 3 hour nap! The whole day was wasted! 🙂 I’ll come over and play with you and Connor 🙂

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