Brain Dump of the Week

This summer it’s incredibly hot.  It’s the kind of weather that wants me to pack my bags and shack up with my BFF Sara in Alaska.  I want to hibernate in a fridge all day. 
Oh!  Did I tell ya’ll I am getting a COMPLETE MAKEOVER on July 2nd???  I won the makeover and I’ll also be giving one away to a lucky reader too!  I am so excited!  I can’t decide if I want to go back to dark hair or go even lighter for the summer???  Suggestions would be awesomeness!
Speaking of hair : I love this messy side bun I’ve been wearing lately.  It’s so easy and if I’m having a bad hair day it’s my go to hairstyle….

This little dude has had nothing but attitude all week.  He’s getting some teeth in that is for SURE!  What happened to my angel child???  I know this will pass….hopefully soon.  In the mean time I’m just trying to stay on top of the Orajel & Tylenol…..oh and coffee too!

My AWESOME sister made this shirt for Connor to wear on 4th of July this year
Isn’t it cute?  I didn’t even know she could so that well!  Thanks Bonnie we LOVE it and it’s extra special because you made it!  She has an Etsy shop too 🙂

I love being able to pack Connor’s lunch now & not worry about packing breast milk bottles or other miscellaneous “baby” items.  It is so much easier with table foods.  I finally took both bottle racks off my kitchen counter this weekend and it freed up so much space.  His lunch box and plate/bowl are from SkipHop.  Aren’t they precious!

I bought some blank note cards at Target this past weekend.  I love to write letters and use cute stationary.  It’s so much more thoughtful than an email.  I found these note cards and they came with a template to print your own personal message on front.  I was playing around and some of them are crooked, but for the most part they turned out cute!

I love Flav-o-ice.  It’s my favorite summertime treat
Connor is loving them right now. I’m sure they feel good on his gums!

I saw this cake in my Martha Stewart Living Magazine last week.  I must make it sometime.  It’s called a chocolate chip cookie ice box cake and it looks A-mazing!

Does anyone else think there is a cat in the right hand side of this tree?
FYI: I still can’t comment on blogs because pop up blockers are ruining my life 🙁
If you want to chit chat I’m on Twitter, and I hope no one is offended by my lack of comment love.
I can still look at them thought….sigh…..



9 thoughts on “Brain Dump of the Week

  1. NEVER use Orajel on his gums when teething! My dental hygienist and dentist say that is hardens the gums and makes it harder for their teeth to come up through the gum!! Thus causing more pain! He says ibuprofen is the best way to go because it has an anti-inflammatory in it to help with swelling!!!

    Oh well this sounds a bit harsh! Not trying to be, promise!!!!

  2. OK… please make that cake and then post the recipe! It looks amazing. I guess waiting on that recipe will keep the diet I need to go on on hold for a few more days! hahah Lana 🙂

  3. I could be wrong, but I don’t think its the pop-up blocker. Blogger has been having issues lately, and the only way I’ve been able to quote if when I login I have to make sure the “remember me” button is unchecked. Yes, it means I have to login every time I want turn my computer on, but at least it’s letting me comment now. Hopefully that gets things working for you!

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