Best Sister Ever!

My twinkie Bonnie sent me a birthday package in the mail a couple days ago.  I was so upset we didn’t get to spend our big 3-0 together 🙁  Being twins we pretty much did everything together so it’s been incredibly hard living so far apart.  I always imagined we would both get married, have our babies, and live next door to each other.  I guess life had other plans.  I always had a playmate, a partner in crime, and a best friend growing up.  I am so thankful God gave me a twin….it’s the best thing in the world!

(Please excuse the hottness below, I was in my jammies) Bonnie sent me a Twilight card (love), some nail polish – including the shatter polish, & some Frrrrrozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity 3.  I forgot to post a picture with the 30 glasses so here it is….”cheers”!!!  I’m drinking my Frrrrrozen Hot chocolate 🙂

Did you all see the Google Mr. & Miss art a few weeks ago?  I loved those books growing up!  Here is a recap if you missed the beautiful artwork done at Google……

These are all the characters.  I want to start a collection of these books for Connor.

Hope Everyone is having a great week!
It’s so friggin hot here I can barely stand it.
I better enjoy this Frrrrrozen Hot Chocolate because I am about to start dieting hard core.  Beach Bum & Baby is sending me some Shakeology samples to try.  She’s lost almost 20 lbs on it so far.  Have ya’ll ever tried this before?  I’ve heard a lot of good things from folks on Twitter.  If you have tried it please leave a comment and let me know how it worked for you!
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