Terence’s 30th Birthday

This Saturday we celebrated Terence’s 30th birthday with some friends.  We went to Outback Steakhouse & then the guys (and Lisa) went go-carting.  Terence’s Aunt Loyce and her fiance Garry watched Connor boy so we could have a night out! Thank you!!!

I really wanted to go see a movie, but it didn’t work out to where the movie times aligned with our plans, and we had to get up early this morning to keep the nursery at church.  So…..we went to a putt putt place and rode go-carts.  And Kyle lost……poor Kyle 🙁

 Me & Terence
 The cake
(Which is still in my fridge & I’ve had two slices today…)
 Kyle & Lisa
 Sarah & Hyung
 Black cherry mojito….yummmmm……
It was a fun night and I hope you had a good time babe!
We came home last night to Aunt Loyce & Garry sound asleep in the living room.  It was hilarious and I couldn’t stop laughing.  Connor must have wore them out???  He was sound asleep in his bed after several minutes of jibber jabber (According to Aunt Loyce 🙂 …..
Connor loves outside.  We can’t wait to go see our Nana & Poppy in a couple weeks and swim.  My Mom told me she got him a little pool and I know he’ll love it!  He’s never been in a swimming pool before.  Here my big boy is playing this afternoon……

 He’s learning how to hail a cab!  Look at my skillz Auntie Summer!!!!
Until tomorrow….I have some more great giveaways in store next week! 
I love doing them and entering them on other blogs.  It makes me so excited 🙂



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