Best Vacations Ever

Today over at Kelly’s Show us your Life feature it’s
 “Show us your favorite vacations spots”
In 2001 Terence and I were blessed to go on a cruise to Alaska.  Terence’s Granddaddy took all of us for a one week cruise.  We had the best time and I’ll never forget that trip.  The mountains and the scenery were all gorgeous…here are a few pics from that vacation.
Should I dye my hair back blonde?

 Whale watching


 This whale has it’s mouth wide open 🙂

 It’s amazing to see such a beautiful piece of the world with your own eyes!

 Terence and I also just got back from NYC in March and I took a ton of pics there……

You can read about the NYC trip :
Day 1 : HERE
Day 1 – 2 : HERE
Day 3 : HERE
Day 4: HERE

And you can read about Vegas HERE
Our next vacation will hopefully be to Paris next year to visit Terence’s cousin!
I really hope that works out because I REALLY want to go!
I can’t wait to read about all of your vacations too!



8 thoughts on “Best Vacations Ever

  1. Wow! Those pictures from Alaska are amazing! My sister and her husband went on an Alaskan Cruise last summer and loved it, totally on my dream vacation list!


  2. Did you know I’m from Alaska? My home state! I love it and miss, but don’t miss the cold! =P Hope to get back some day soon!

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