14 Months

Connor James you are growing so quickly these days……
You are our joy
You are our love
You make us laugh
You make us smile every day
You’re our angel from God
You are definitely a busy body & have started throwing tantrums! Ha..ha..
We have to keep you entertained or you get bored, you LOVE to look at books.

This month we are going to Arkansas to see Nana & Poppy.  They miss you so much!  Mommy turns 30 on May 30th so I’m excited to go home and share this milestone with family and friends.  Your Daddy turns 30 on May 11th….we are getting old! 😛

I love you so much…..don’t grow up too quickly now sweet boy!
Love, Mama
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I also have several other GREAT GIVEAWAYS in the works for you all 🙂  So excited!



6 thoughts on “14 Months

  1. He is so handsome! Love his outfit. =) I turned 31 in Dec, and my hubs turns 31 in July…..I robbed the cradle. Haha! It’s funny how being 30+ once seemed SO old to me…..lol Now it’s young! Happy early birthday! 30 is fun!

  2. oh goodness he is so sweet. Those baby blues melt my heart! So did you know that my birthday is May 31st? 😉 I will certainly remember yours forever now because it’s the same as my dad 🙂 Hugs to you friend!


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