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Teething is so much fun! Not.

Connor is my first child, so I have never experienced the teething process until these last few months. He started cutting his first tooth over Christmas. He had been fussier than normal and I was sure he was teething; but, nothing could be seen. I was visiting my family in Arkansas and my mom noticed he had a little bit of white peeking through his gums. Sure enough, it was the beginning of a tooth! FINALLY we saw it and I was so excited! But, how do we cure his pain?
Beginning mid-March, Connor’s top two teeth started coming in. It was during this time that we had the opportunity to try the new Baby Orajel® Naturals . Boy, am I appreciative. First, I’m glad that I get to give my baby a natural product. I feel more comfortable with natural products, especially when giving them to such a young person. Second, the taste and smell are very appealing. It kind of reminds me of a cross between toothpaste and licorice. Connor enjoys it; in fact, he tries to suck any residual remnants off my fingers
As parents, we try to do whatever we can to alleviate the pain. I mean it has to hurt getting teeth through those new little gums, right? I give it to Connor throughout the day and especially before bed. It has helped tremendously with his fussiness and helps him sleep more peacefully. I honestly don’t know what we would do without it. It provides instant pain relief, is natural, tastes good, and has been such a blessing to both Connor and his Mom & Dad!
 Showing our new pearly white 🙂

When it comes to teething, how do you naturally soothe your baby?
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164 thoughts on “$100 Babies R Us Giveaway from BlogHer

  1. We’ve got a little one on the way but it’s never to early to have some good “tools” in the toolbox when those teeth do start to make their appearance. I’ve always heard of putting a wet washcloth in the freezer and letting them chew on it. It sounds pretty old school but might work.

  2. I’ve got on one the way and teething is something I keep hearing is quite unpleasant. Would love to read the tips that come up.

  3. Awe!! This is such a cute giveaway… I am a big fan of teething tablets, but with this being natural it may be better. I guess I will have to experiment with Sweet Caroline! Eeeee!!!

  4. I am a huge fan of the “Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder” as you are able to freeze vegetables and fruits that are good for your kiddo and it soothes their little mouths!

  5. Oh teething, well I soothe C’s teeth and gums with either good ole Sophie or the mesh teething bag with some ice. He loves them both. And mommy soothese herself with some wine 🙂

  6. Neither of my boys really gave me TOO much trouble when they were teething but when they did fuss I found that frozen washclothes and teething rings seemed to soothe them for a bit. One teething toy that my youngest LOVED was this First Years Massaging Teether that vibrated? http://www.amazon.com/First-Years-Massaging-Action-Teether/dp/B000V8AL3C/ref=pd_sim_t_1 He loooooooved it.
    (And actually, big brother liked to play with it too, even tho he was far past teething age, haha!)

  7. Cold wash clothes seem to help, but my favorite option is a little teddy bear ice pack I found that is super soft and sturdy. He loves to hold it and chew on it to sooth those new pearly whites coming in! We’re cutting tooth #3 now.

  8. A whole carrot works well from the fridge, it is hard to bite, they may get a tiny sliver here and there but it feels nice on the gums. Also, an empty tylenol or mylicon bottle with the rubber dropper top worked well as well for them to hold and chew on…just the right size and the rubber feels good!

    michellefleurystanton at gma.il com

  9. My ten month old loves to chew on a cold rag and an empty mylicon dropper top. Maddox has never been much into teething rings. I also use orajel and the teething tablets. He has cut 6 teeth in the past 6 weeks! Yikes! 😉

  10. My ten month old loves to chew on a cold rag and an empty mylicon dropper top. Maddox has never been much into teething rings. I also use orajel and the teething tablets. He has cut 6 teeth in the past 6 weeks! Yikes! 😉

  11. My son wouldn’t chew on anything except his finger and his blankie. I had to be sure he had that blankie all the time – that was the main thing that soothed him.

  12. A friend had some of the homeopathic teething tablets that were pulled from the shelves last fall. A Dr. friend (who has a daughter the same age as Tessa) looked at the ingredients and told me he understands why it was pulled, but not for any reasons that could harm my daughter. So, that what we use!

  13. I use a Mesh Pop, cut up a banana into 2 inch pieces, stuff the mesh pop and put in ziploc bag and freeze. Tastes good and helps soothe their gums.

    karenmed409 at comcast dot net

  14. I used frozen teething rings and baby Orajel when my daughter was young, now she is having her own baby and I will pass this on to her.

    reveilletx at hotmail dot com

  15. We haven’t reached the teething stage just yet but I have a feeling we’re getting close!

    My sister gave me a mesh pouch she used with her children – you put frozen fruit inside of it and the child can chew on that while they teeth.


  16. My little guy is 5 1/2 months and we’re starting to get into the teething I fear. So far it’s been a lot of trial and error, and we haven’t found a great solution… yet! I am definitely hoping to grab some of this gel ASAP and try it out!

  17. I loved teething tablets for my first baby but can’t find those in the stores any more. We use Orajel and Tylenol and teething toys for our youngest.

  18. I have always used a frozen washcloth with my baby. I usually end up just trying to cuddle them alot more also. Mommy’s love always helps a little haha!

    Aly at infertilityoverachievers dot com

  19. We loved using Orajel for Boyd, but I didn’t notice this natural one back then. I would have loved to try it. We love Gripe Water and Teething Tablets, and rubbing lavender lotion on his belly always soothed him when he was upset.

  20. Depends on their age. A wet, cool rag to chew on can be helpful. When they are a little older, frozen peas are fun to chew on.

  21. Your baby has the most gorgeous eyes!
    I soothed my teething babies with washcloths that I dampened and then put in the freezer for a while. The loved chewing on them.

  22. I like to wet a wash cloth and get it cold in the fridge. I tie a knot in one corner to give them something to gnaw on. They seem to like this.


  23. Letting baby chew on a frozen washcloth seems to be soothing to them. I have also heard good things about letting baby chew on chilled water filled teethers.

  24. My son is 4 months old and I think about ready t teeth- so I’m looking for advice to soothe his teething pain which I know will be coming. I bought freezer teething rings to be ready.

  25. We’ve always soothed our 2 year old by using Orajel products, teething tablets, and by using a cold wash cloth that’s been frozen. There is nothing worse that seeing your sweet little child hurting because of their new teeth. Even though our 2 year old has all of her baby teeth now, we are excited to try Orajel naturals with baby #2 on the way. CourtneyEStephenson @ gmail.com

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