Weekend Wrap Up

The weather has been in the 90’s already in Texas.  I guess we just skipped spring!  I am not the kind of person that likes to sweat at all.  I think 65 degrees would be perfect in my world.  Anyway – so what did we do this weekend???  Here it is:
 We played a lot with toys…
 We walked and walked and walked….
 Ate our weight in Mexican food….
 This cheese dip was SOOOOOO good!
 Ate some Mexican rice….
 We played at the park in the neighborhood…
 Dude loves to swing!
 And slide…

We also went to church.  Connor seems to be in the crying babies nursery.  He was fine when we dropped him off, then the second he saw EVERY.SINGLE.BABY was crying in his room he decided he needed to join in.  It was hilarious!  We watched a few movies on Vudu – which I LOVE!  We also had family dinner with Terence’s family on Sunday night!  That about sums up our weekend! How was yours?



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