Mom’s Night Out

I met up with some gals last night at Chimys for some mexican food and margaritas.  I know all four of these girls from Twitter/Blogging.  It was so nice to meet them and visit with them.  It was kind of hard to talk and hear each other with the loud music, but the weather was great and these gals were all just as awesome in person as they are online 🙂  Thanks ya’ll and I hope we can get together soon because every now and then Momma needs a night out right???
 Me, Ashley, Erin, Jenn, & Bronwyn
Okay- So every morning I roll outta bed looking like poo.  I always feel like a chicken with their head cut off.  Trying to get myself ready, Connor ready, his meals packed for the day, both of us dressed….blah…blah…blah….
So curious what is your morning makeup routine?
 So this is moi ready to slap on some makeup before I got my hair fixed this morning…..
(I do have foundation on though!)

The is my explosion of makeup.  Some stuff I haven’t even worn in months!  I have several things I like and then there are things I only use on occasion. 

And then there is the twisted and knotted up cords for all my curling irons.  My hair is very curly and I usually straighten it or go over it with a big rod curling iron.  I love my Ginalli iron too for days I want to wear it wavy.  Options! Options!

Right now I am using the Makeup Forever line for my foundation and so far I really like it!
I’ve also used their HD Foundation and I think I liked that better than the mat velvet.  I love Nars, Chanel, and Clinique for my eye shadows.  And I have a Chanel bronzer that I am in love with because it goes well with my fair skin.  I hardly ever wear lipsticks or lip gloss…that’s probably why my lips are always dry!
So what is your makeup routine?  Favorite products??? 
And just FYI – I’m having trouble with pop ups on my computer, so that is what is causing the issues with commenting.  If you have a pop up box for comments on your blog I cannot comment for some reason 🙁 So please link your email to your profile so I can at least email you back!
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10 thoughts on “Mom’s Night Out

  1. That food sounds delicious, the company looks amazing, and I love Bare Escentuals foundation. I was a skeptic about the mineral powder trend but used a friend’s and fell in love. Best natural coverage I’ve found.

  2. I need a curling iron badly! I used to have a bunch of them and had a stupid moment and threw them away becasue I hadn’t used them in awhile! Do you think there is a huge difference in the more basic, cheaper curling irons like you could get at Walmart or the higher quality brands?? Im sure you get what you pay for in this case, but just curious on what your opinion is…

  3. I’m so excited you had a chance to do a mom’s night out. I was just checking out your early morning photo and I know you said you have foundation on but you still have a really beautiful complexion! I wish I looked that good- especially in the morning!!

    As for my makeup/morning routine, I dry my hair and then start applying makeup. I have a friend who works for MAC and she said to always put your eyeshadow on first so I do that, then eyeliner, concealer, foundation, blush, and I put mascara on last I don’t know why. After the makeup is on I go back over my hair with a straightener or curling iron and 12 hours later I’m ready to leave the house! ha! Just kidding, but it usually takes a good hour to “get ready” Lame. LoL happy wednesday sweet lady!


  4. Looks like such a fun time Becky!! And, you are stunning without makeup!!! My favorite is NARS too for eyes, blush, and lipgloss. Never tried makeup forever but have heard a lot of good reviews. Will have to give it a try!


  5. How fun! Isn’t going out with the girls so much more fun now that it’s a special treat? 🙂

    I’ve never used much makeup – even before I stayed home full time! – but I do wear Bare Escentuals everyday. The minerals are so gentle on my sensitive skin, love it!

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