It’s Friday Ya’ll!

It is finally FRIDAY!!! Hip hip hooray!!!
Here’s me and my boo boo before I left for work this morning
I love this little dude so much!
 Kissing his Noah’s ark animals 🙂
Today on Kelly’s Korner it’s show us your favorite books!
Guess what mine is:
It’s the Twilight series!!!!

My twin sister and I are a little obsessed and I own way too much Twilight memorabilia.  I don’t care and don’t judge me….I am a 13 year old teenage girl at heart!

I have been to a Twilight party HERE.
Look he sparkles!
I can’t wait until the new movie comes out in NOVEMBER!!!
I also enjoyed the Shopaholic series, the books are way better than the movie was.  I have also heard the Hunger Games is a really good book series.  If I ever have a moment to read again that is what I’ll be reading!  I don’t have as much time to read as I used to. 
In other news : Terence and I are on day 6 of couch to 5K and my knees are killing me!
We eat a fruit bag and an egg for breakfast and are trying to diet again…..Lord help me!!! 
Hope ya’ll have a great weekend 🙂
Live, Laugh, Love….Enjoy!



10 thoughts on “It’s Friday Ya’ll!

  1. uhhhh AMEN sister. LOVE Twilight as well. I throw an alllll out party before each movie has come out. Can’t wait for Breaking Dawn. 🙂 Happen to watch the Vampire Diaries tv series? It’s my favorite show right now!!

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