Extreme Couponing

So who is watching Extreme Couponing tomorrow night on TLC?  I’ve always been curious as to how people go to the store and save hundreds of dollars on groceries.  I mean how on earth do people get $300 worth of food for $12 or something like that???  I am really curious to see this show and how this process works. 

I’m imagining their homes probably look something like this….

 Crazy!!!  All this food could probably feed a third world country for an entire year!
Another random:
RueLaLa is having a sale on these babies right now. 
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE Zak! Designs kitchenware 🙂

Happy Tuesday 🙂
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17 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing

  1. I am TOTALLY going to be watching! I’m not sure I have it in me to do all that work {ha!} but it does look interesting!

    And I have those confetti zak bowls. LOVE THEM!

  2. I’ve seen that show before and it’s CRAZY. I guess what I don’t understand is why people would need to buy 100 toothbrushes or 50 boxes of pasta. Even to save money or whatever – it just feels nuts to me I guess. But more power to them – I save money wherever I can. But yeah….I’ll be watching!!

  3. i’m so excited to watch that show. i’ve dabbled a little in that crazy couponing before. but, NOTHING compared to these people!! it really is like a part-time job. it’s so worth it in the end…but gosh – a TON of work!

  4. you gotta wonder at what point does it go from couponing to save money on things you need, to an obsession to see how much you can get for the lowest dollar amount. Do you really need that much stuff!? Soon you’ll see people from this show on TLC’s Hoarders.

  5. i am watching it tonight out of curiosity because like you said I really don’t understand how people can save that much..or where they put it. But hey if it can help me save some grocery money then i’m all for it!

  6. I have seen that show or one like it. We don’t have TLC anymore so I guess I’ll be missing the new shows. I use coupons, make lists of what is on sale at what store, use a notebook/binder but I am not saving that much. Plus I don’t want to stockpile that mess. I really don’t want it in my garage either…yuck. Don’t get me wrong though, I think that is awesome that they can save all that money.

  7. Im curious about that coupon show too. I always knew Id never be interested because most families can’t eat that much food before it expires and it’s all processed BUT I find it so interesting.

  8. I am fascinated by this show! It amazes me, but I do not have the time these people put into it. It’s seriously like a full time job! Craziness!

  9. shut up– is that for real someone’s stock pile? That’s freakin’ ridiculous. I guess if our economy crashes we need to find out where they live… ha!

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