Yard Re-Do, Park Fun, & Big Boy Chair

Terence and I had a landscape guy come out today and look at our front yard.  We are thinking of getting the flower beds re-done.  Right now it’s just the plants the builder put in when we moved in.  They are looking pretty bad right now too!  We also want to get some landscape lighting and maybe some new pendant lighting for the foyer too!  We shall see….

The picture below is the kind of lighting we are looking into…it flows up onto the house and I think it makes ALL the difference….

We can’t get enough of the park these days 🙂

We are going to get Connor a new big boy chair.  We are thinking of going with the Recaro Pro Ride.  If you know my husband you know he researches EVERYTHING!  We went and tested this seat last week and really liked it!  It has a lot of cushion in it and was rated very well by consumers.
More from this past weekend coming soon……



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